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The Team
Warsaw Office
Ogrodowa City Gate
ul. Ogrodowa 58
00-876 Warsaw
tel. +48 22 652 26 18

Cracow Office
ul. Jana Kilińskiego 2
30-308 Cracow
tel. +48 12 315 18 41

Each member of the legal team has to have worked to achieve the status of a leading advisor in his/her area of law. Each member of the team is responsible for his/her own professional development in order to maintain this. Our policy of consistent realization of this central concept means the members of the team are both people with qualifications in law and economics as well as people with academic titles - doctors and bar trainees. The partners at the Firm are responsible for ensuring that the team’s legal expertise is used to devise solutions of true commercial value. 

In order to provide “one stop” comprehensive handling of a client’s project the Firm has established links with external consultants and service providers. With regard to complex matters the Firm brings in leading authorities in the relevant field of law. In cross-business projects, the Firm ensures that support is provided by advisors on tax, investment financing, and accountancy. When selecting external advisors and service providers (translation, notary services, experts in business sectors, etc.) the Firm applies the same standards as for its own team.